Who are we?

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Blanqui A. Kracht

Chairman of the board

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Nikolaj Kracht

Vice chairman of the board

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Samuel Suarez 


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Linh Nguyen 

Project Manager 

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Anthony Sangano 

Technical Manager 

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Mikkel Sønderskov 

Media Manager

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Josephine A. Kracht


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Johannes Nordentoft 

Intern Advisor

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Alessandro Strobbe

Project Manager 

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Filip Lazarow

Project Manager

Our mission

We want to protect and restore freshwater to
ecosystems in critical areas like the Amazon jungle, and other regions in the world, facing ecosystem loss an degradation. We are dedicated to achieving global goals for food, water, energy and 

climate by fostering inovative thinking and forming impactful partnerships.

Our focus

Our focus is on enhancing resillience to the local communities to climate change and human pressures through large-scale initiatives aimed at protecting and restoring these vital ecosystems. Our efforts include enviromental education, habitat restoration, pollution reduction, and community engagement, all geared towards ensuring a sustainable future for rivers an lakes.

Our vision

We envision a future where rivers and lakes are clean, free from pollution and teeming with life, vibrant, and sustainably managed, supporting diverse ecosystems and thriving communities for generations to come. Rivers natural habitats are preserved and restored, and where communities actively participate in protecting their water resources.


Have any questions? We are always open to talk about new projects, creative opportunities etc.