Diagnosis Study of the Higueras River. Huánuco – Perú

Since 2019, in Huánuco, Saving Rivers and Lakes has been dedicated to the goal of restoring the Higueras River, which has faced significant pollution and degradation.  Our studies have revealed significant pollution from garbage and faecal matter, impacting water quality and public health.

The studies have identified critical sectors, after evaluating hydrological and hydraulic infrastructure conditions. The results of monitoring water quality, shows high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and heavy metals, more vulnerable to the effects of pollution, drought, and disease. Therefore, our ongoing efforts include implementing proposals of waste treatment, reforestation, and community education to promote sustainable practices and improve river health.

Clean Up Project – Clean Games 2021 Aarhus - Denmark

The International Clean-Up Day event, organised by Saving Rivers and Lakes Org. in collaboration with Clean Games Baltic Cup, was a community-driven initiative aimed at raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable practices. The event focused on the collection and sorting of trash and waste in two key locations in Aarhus: Brabrand Lake and University Park. The participants were students from Aarhus University and volunteers.

Awareness about the protection and recovery of the ecosystems. - Huánuco, Perú

Our objective with this project was to increase knowledge and awareness about the protection and recovery of the river’s ecosystems in Huánuco, Peru. Our efforts include the contribution to the efforts of local environmental organizations to save the river in Huánuco through environmental education initiatives in schools.

Aware Project- Nigeria

This project aims to raise awareness and manage plastic waste in Nigeria through educational programs in two schools and community clean-ups at key locations like Jabi Lake in Abuja. By engaging local volunteers and educating communities, the initiative seeks to reduce plastic pollution and enhance environmental stewardship in Nigeria.

Esperanza Project – Huánuco - Peru

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck we were working on Peru, where people were dying due to lack of oxygen. In Huánuco, hospitals lacked oxygen plants, creating a critical shortage. Saving Rivers and Lakes, in collaboration with various partners, established an oxygen plant to address this urgent needed. The plants provided oxygen to 25,200 COVID-19 patients.

Protecting Environmental Defenders /Aktion Amazonas Org project

Ongoing project in which Saving Rivers and Lakes is collaborating, the project aims to address the increasing rates of deforestation and violence in the Amazon driven by national and transnational criminal networks. We are working this project as part as a consortium with 3 Danish organizations.


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